Castletownbere, Co. Cork Ireland 

July / August 2011

Summer Exhibition of work by Graduates from Limerick School of Art, Crawford College of Art, Galway Mayo Institiute of Technology, Dublin Institute of Technology and the National College of Art and Design with paintings by Sarah Walker in response to the graduates work.

Dawn O Loughlin, GMIT, Digital Print.

'I would read theoretical stuff about my work and think,What? Where did they get that?'
Eimear O Connor, NCAD,Glass, "Regrowth", "Life tends to happen in cycles along a continuum."
Leanna%20McCullagh.JPG quilt.JPG
  Leanne McCullagh, Limerick School of Art & Design,
Rachel Likely,NCAD,Quilt.  Vinyl, patchwork fabric, water and live goldfish.

Lisa%20Shaughnessy%20Roley%20Poley101.JPG stratta%205.jpg
Lisa Shaughnessy, DIT, Installation."Viral"

I create my own paint using Polyvinyl acetate and pigments, and the work is made from that.

"Playful in it's nature, Lisa's work is centered upon the physicality and materiality of paint. Her work deals with the historical and conceptual meaning of painting within a contemporary context."

Ashleigh Ellis,Crawford College of Art. "Stratta"   Stratta is made from layers of acetate and cat gut.

"The layering of two dimensional information creates a new form, a structure made possible with accumulated data. Compiled maps show a three dimensional topographical view of networks, a blue cloud then seen to grow inside."


Tom Dalton, CIT "Scapes" Dandelion leaves, parcel tape,wire,sponge. 21x16x15cm.
Sarah Walker, "Fisherman on the Pier", Oil on canvas.


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