Castletownbere, Co. Cork Ireland

Beara Community Arts Festival 2001
Three Glasgow Artists:
Roddy Mathiesen: Inside the Handball Alley
John Barrett: Outside the Handball Alley
Claire Baxter: Sarah Walker Gallery
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Roddy Mathiesen "Money is Dead Trees"
Roddy Mathiesen's installation "Money for Dead Trees" is to be built inside the Handball Alley, which is a decaying building unused for almost twenty years. When Roddy Mathiesen first visited the handball alley he decided he would like to create an installation that worked with the atmosphere of the building, the dereliction and deteriorating situation. The scale of the interior offered the possibility of making a large work and so he began to develop landscape ideas, which related to the building. He decided to use the natural structure of trees but by cutting them up and rebuilding them in situ, he makes reference to the human manipulation of nature. He will also exhibit bronze and silver casts of trees. Casting the tree in silver highlights the value of trees and the desecration of this resource globally resulting in desert- like wastelands. The handball alley as a background has this kind of deserted feel to it. To further enhance this feeling there will be a tiny bronze cast of a tree on the balcony, which is in effect a music box, as the handle is turned the tree revolves, brushing against a bush to play a tune. The acoustics in the alley are so strong that this should create a truly memorable impression.
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John Barrett "Turfbutterhut"

"Turfbutterhut"by John Barrett" John Barrett has made previous work using butter such as "butter house" which he made entirely of butter set in a grass field with a path leading up to it. This is his first time using a combination of butter and turf. "Turfbutterhut" will be a house large enough to walk into using peat briquettes as bricks and butter as cement. He hopes to make the butter himself on site using old-fashioned butter churns, the work will be an ongoing process during the festival and he hopes to engage the participation of the audience. Some other work that John Barrett has made includes a "butter bell" which hung from a tree in Scotland in midsummer for several days before melting and a "butter coat" which coated a tree trunk in a protective manner. The idea of using butter as protection is reminiscent of Joseph Beuys, whose work John Barrett admires. He has also noted the building in briquettes made by Tomas de Paor for the Venice Architectural Biennale in 1999. Other foodstuff has been used previously in his work such as apples. "Apple ring" was a floor drawing making different colour patterns by using apples in varying degrees of decay. It will be interesting to see if John Barrett's "turfbutterhut" will be as strictly architectural as Tomas de Paor's building or will it remind us more of Beuys's famous Irish briquette sandwich.
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Claire Baxter will do a minimal installation of her work at the Sarah Walker Gallery. Her understated work has a very familiar ring to it. She chooses objects which are familiar to where she is exhibiting e.g. she made a copy of the Sydney "Yellow Pages" when she exhibited there and her particularly Irish contribution is a Cadbury's snack bar. Each item is carved out of wood and hand painted to look disarmingly realistic. The work is very subtle with a gentle sense of humour.

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Roddy Mathiesen"Money is Dead Trees" Handball Alley, Castletownbere Sunday July 29th - Sunday August 12th 2001

John Barrett "Turfbutterhut" Handball Alley, Castletownbere Sunday July 29th - Sunday August 12th 2001

Claire Baxter Installation Sarah Walker Gallery, Castletownbere Sunday July 29th - Friday August 3rd 2001

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